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Did you capture big smiles on the first day of school?  Tons of fun at Fun Fair, the Fun(d) Run, Class Parties, Student Events, etc?  We need your pictures for the yearbook!   The kids LOVE to see themselves with their friends. Here's how to upload your photos:

CLICK THIS LINK: http://www.hjeshare.com

USE THIS CODE: School code:  Ravinia

Lunch Program Information

Each fall and spring the PTO organizes hot lunch days where lunches are available to purchase from local vendors.  Lunch ordering will all be done through the PTO website.


Food days cannot run without volunteers. Sign up early to ensure a spot. We need 3 parent volunteers each day lunch is served from 11:30-12:30. If we cannot fill all of the volunteer roles, those days will not have lunch offered.

We ask that volunteers honor the commitment. If you cannot make your day, it is your responsibility to find a replacement as our program is compromised when there are not enough volunteers. Print your days for your records.

Food Day Policy

Food days are offered every day. We ask that you are mindful to pack a lunch for your child if you have not ordered food days. All lunches are pre-ordered and are paid in full during open registration. If your child did not order on a given day, they will NOT be on the serving sheet and they will not receive a lunch because they did not order. If a child does not have a lunch and did not pre-order, they should see a lunch room supervisior wo will have the child call home. There are not orders placed that do not show up on the serving sheet.

Volunteers cannot "give away" or "sell" lunches. If there are leftover lunches, those meals will go directly to families in need so we ask that all parents and students be respectful to this school policy.

Once your order is placed, it cannot be changed. There will be NO REFUNDS for orders placed and not received. NO late orders will be accepted except for new families joining the school after registration ends. If you are new to the school and wish to sign up for food days after registration, please contact the Food Day Committee at: morgan.rosenberg81@gmail.com. Orders will be able to be placed after a 2 week wait period and once payment is received.

Food Day Menu: 

It is YOUR responsibility when ordering, to be diligent in making your food choices, as well as when receiving/eating the food items. The Food Day Committee cannot take any responsibility for any allergic reactions. Please contact vendor with additional questions/concerns. We offer some Gluten Free and vegetarian options. Please print your order for your records. 

Food Day Volunteer Instructions: 

  1. Get students lists for 1st and 2nd lunches from the front office and put on tables to create 3 check-in lines.
  2. Label lunches if necessary (most lunches come pre-labeled) with the name of food and put on the check-in tables before the students arrive.
  3. Check-off student names as you had out the lunches.
  4. Do not give a lunch to a student unless they are on the list! If they ordered a lunch, their name woudl appear on the list. This is very important due to student allergies.
  5. If a student did not bring a lunch, send them to the office to call home.*
  6. 1st lunch delivery is at 11:35am
  7. 2nd lunch delivery is at 12:05pm
  8. Call vendor if delivery is late. A vendor list with phone numbers is provided in the packet of paperwork given to the lunch volunteers. Please notify a lunch supervisor with an approximate time of delivery.

Extral Lunches Instructions

Please place any extra (unclaimed) lunches in the Millennium Hall refrigerator and notify the nurse.

In the event a lunch delivery is very late, D112 staff will notify students and develop alternate plans.

* Due to student allergies, NEVER distribute food of any kind.

Ravinia Elementary PTO Fundraiser

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